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Twitter 101: Do you know your @ from your #?

@ can be either:
  • a Reply, your-two-cents tossed-onto something-someone-you-Follow has Tweeted. @Replies will always have “in reply to @username” listed at the bottom of the Tweet. If not, it’s…
  • a Mention, a Tweet that contains “@username,” which will come to that user’s attention, even if he/she doesn’t Follow you. Use Mentions right, and you could gain that person as a Follower. Better yet, he/she could re-Tweet you, to all his/her Followers…any-of-whom could also re-Tweet you. Yep, you’ve gone-viral.

# is “a hash tag,” a keyword. Including #RedSox deposits your Tweet among all others similarly tagged, so you can use hash tags to join conversations. Click on a hash tag in any Tweet and you’ll see all other Tweets similarly tagged.

I admit it! I was NOT an early adopter.
And if you weren’t, don’t worry, you’re not too late.
I will show you how I made-up-for-lost-time, and how broadcasters are using Twitter to build following AND MAKE MONEY.

Twitter 201: Tactics for Radio
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