FREE for radio stations: 5-part series, "Tips For Job-Seekers"
From McVay Media consultant Holland Cooke.

  • These shortform tips are "PPM food," content that will prompt same-time-tomorrow tune-in ("horizontal recycling" in Arbitron-speak).
  • It's sponsorable. Sell it locally, and KEEP THE MONEY. Download the sample report below, and play it on Sales calls.
  • It's REALLY free. Nothing to sign, no affidavits to mess with, no strings attached, no national spot. Just play 'em as-is, so HC can mention his web site, once, at the end.
  • Play 'em on the whole cluster. They're :60s, so they'll fit in a music station spot avail, adjacent to the sponsor's spot. These tips are useful to everyone, as you'll hear below.
  • It's market-exclusive to your station or cluster, IF you RSVP before another station in your market.

Preview one of the reports, as it will sound on-air:

"All this week, we're offering Tips For Job-Seekers. Today, how to avoid losing-the-job even-before-you-apply..."
[Click to listen]
"Tomorrow at this time: Having trouble getting past the gatekeeper? A sneaky way to end-run receptionists and assistants."

Want 'em? RSVP your name, call letters, and market.
HC is also available for live on-air interview, discussing "Survival Speech: Critical Communication Skills For The Way Things Are Now."

"And while I've got you..."
Also FREE, from HC:
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