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--Apple apologizes!
By the time you see this, this commercial may have disappeared.
If so: It depicts a hydraulic press crushing a piano, a record player, paint, books, cameras, and other creative tools Artificial Intelligence emulates, via the new iPad Pro.
With many now fearful that technology will obsolete their jobs, Apple yanked the ad. "We missed the mark with this video and we're sorry."

--A.I. could not do this commercial.
Various vendors are offering - and, increasingly, radio stations are using - Artificial Intelligence apps to script, and even voice, commercials.

It's a time-saver alright, but is the output compelling?

In some cases, there's a fill-in-the-blanks form. Other apps crawl the prospect's web site for copy points. Whenever I'm given a demonstration, I suggest a business I'm familiar with. But the scripts never seem to capture what makes the business special. For one such demo,' I chose a restaurant we frequent often, here on Block Island. The copy generated was painfully generic.

-- Instead, I used the method that has consistently produced results for client stations and in my freelance work. My video describing the process "Radio Advertising, In Their Own Words" includes several examples...and here's another.

Hear how The chef himself is a story, an opportunity the AI robot wouldn't spot. And, after all, everything we do is story-telling.

And here's The Free Prize Inside: People tell the advertiser "I heard you on the radio!"

More work than simply plugging-into an AI app? You bet. The interview from which I excerpted the sound bites you'll hear took all of 5 minutes, and I voiced and assembled the spot in under a half-hour.

Don't get me wrong!
NOT saying don't go-AI. I do, every day. Heck, I used ChatGPT to write an entire E-book about selling radio advertising (free PDF download). Just use it as a tool, the cure for writer's block. Think of it as a first draft. What makes your work special is YOUR personal touch.

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