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Owner? Manager? AE? Need more this month?
There is buried treasure in your Programming.

Do you realize how many Sales "hooks" you have?

My reputation is "Programming consultant."
My real job?
Improve the results your advertisers get, two ways:

  1. By optimizing the environment in which their message is heard ("Programming"), so those messages are heard more often. And...
  2. By making the commercial itself as effective as possible; often rolling-up my sleeves, collaborating with sellers to write spots for client stations.
In my 3 decades consulting full-time, I have spent as much time working with Sales reps as with Programming staff...increasingly MORE time, with on-air staff cuts, and added Sales opportunities.

"I'm a consultant. If you steal from me, you've stolen twice."

I have compiled and detailed what works, including timeless old-school stuff...

  • Ask these 4 questions on the first call, and the spot will write itself.
  • Endorsement spots: 5 Do's + 5 Don'ts
  • Copy worth copying: 48 examples
  • 11 cliches to avoid in spot copy
...and new-tech hacks that streamline the selling process:
  • Prospecting: Google has done your homework.
  • Your new Sales Assistant: ChatGPT

----- The entire strategy I outline -- and the tactics I detail -- are based on "The 5 Steps of Selling Anything to Anybody:"
  1. Pre-Approach: The most successful cold callers warm-up, by knowing WHO the prospect is...who THEIR prospect is...what THEY want + need. On the first call -- as in a job interview -- you will be judged by the questions you ask. And I list leads that many stations overlook.
  2. Approach: Who really has purchase authority...and how to get the meeting (translation: end-run the gatekeepers, artfully).
  3. Pitch: Your first 6 words on the second call.
  4. Negotiate: How you get 'em to think twice about "We're moving money to digital." Or "OK, let's try it for a week."
  5. Close: Page 22 alone is worth the read. ROI template that slam-dunks the sale.
Each of these stages is a-process-of-elimination. Keep advancing.
BIG Bonus: My Playbook.
Click on the graphic below for a closer look. It's a page you won't find on my web site, and it can't be Googled. Each of the graphics on that page clicks-through to a directory of downloads and videos (many have an audio version you can listen to as a podcast):
Video topics include:
> Help Wanted, Radio Sales: 4 suggestions...
> When you hear "I'm buying Search instead..."
> 5 Ways to Make Ratings go UP (key, even if you don't subscribe)...
> 25-54? Malarkey! Grey is Gold...
> Explaining Your Station: Hear a PILE-O-promos I developed...
> When they say "We tried radio. It didn't work..."
> Running TV? Spot creative that's dirt-cheap + darn-eye-catching.
Dozens of downloads include: Spec spots you can use to pitch...Talk Radio Weekends, Rebooted (and how music stations can cash-in on specialty programming, without stopping the music)...Local News, Radio's Silver Bullet: Specific formatic + style recommendations

64 page E-book + My Playbook, $9. Rip-off everything you read/see/hear and sell today.
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NONE of what you read -- or audio examples you will hear or videos you see -- is an experiment.

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