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Real Estate agent? Look up listings in my Zip Code.
(And if you're an attorney, or financial advisor, keep reading.)

02807, Block Island RI, 12 miles out in the Atlantic Ocean.

Gasping at those prices? Welcome to Land of The 7-Figure Fixer-Upper. And I earned the trophy house I now live in (under that blue dot) by buying in down markets and selling when buyers were swarming.

I make my living coaching those who talk-the-talk, but I've walked-the-walk!
I had been at it for years, when I was a comfortably-salaried employee, on-air and in broadcasting management. Yet when I hung-out my consulting shingle January 1, 1995, I instantly became a less-attractive mortgage applicant...even to the bank for which I was performing multiple mortgages.

But I found the dough on Talk Radio. One of my radio station clients was brokering airtime to a mortgage guy, who fielded callers' questions about buying a home, to drum-up leads. One of the things I do for the stations I advise is to coach their "how-to" hosts, the attorneys and financial advisors and veterinarians and auto repair guys and other professionals who host ask-the-experts call-in shows.

As I listened to this mortgage broker's show, I took two sets of notes:

  • In the left-hand column of the legal pad, I listed the fundamental Talk Radio skills that apply to any show. How to attract more callers, keep-the-show-moving, identify the host, etc. Technique I can detail will make you sound like an approachable pro, and improve your ROI.
  • In the right-hand column, I was scribbling-as-fast-as-I-could about how to get the monster mortgage nobody in Rhode Island would give me.
  • Long-story-short? He, the broker hosting a show in Michigan, wrote me the loan for my home in Rhode Island!

Back to the future, yours...
I work at the intersection of Talk Radio and the Internet, and that's where you belong.

Why? Info-overload.

  • Your prospective clients are SO bombarded-by-advertising that they lean-away from pitches.
  • But they lean-into useful information, and that's your best-bet marketing strategy.


  • "Advertising" asks someone to choose a certain product off the crowded shelf.
  • "Marketing" makes them WANT to.
THE most-proven, most-effective marketing tactic of all? FREE SAMPLES, of your expertise and comforting counsel -- your trusted voice, demystifying what you do, a process which intimidates most people -- shared via a coordinated, broadcast/podcast/social media strategy.

2-minute video:

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