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New numbers point to podcasting opportunity.
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Want clicks? And Shares? Bring your A-game.

-- < Video: We asked the publisher of THE talk media trade publication: "What is the #1 success factor in podcasting?"

Your topic and technique are critical.
-- How podcasting is UNLIKE radio:
AM/FM broadcasters' content is mass-appeal, and locally-oriented.
But the best podcast topics are "narrowcast" stuff.
And you're on what we used to call "the Worldwide Web."
And going REAL narrow is opportune. Example?
Do a podcast about gardening, and you'll get lost-in-the-weeds.
Do one about growing vegetables in a vertical hydroponic garden in a closet and you'll click.

How successful podcasts are LIKE radio:
You're asking for attention.
And with SO much competition for it now, that's a big ask.

KNOW THIS: Every...single...moment...of your podcast has to earn another moment.

Attention is not for sale.
-- Before you spend a dime promoting your podcast...
Think how many advertising messages bombard us every day.
We've learned to lean-away from pitches.
But we trust recommendations from our friends.

Goal: Your subscribers share your podcast with their buds.
How: Incorporate best practices that radio broadcasters have spent 100 years proving, techniques that earn you habitual listening.

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression."
And for less than you spend on a Starbucks concoction, my E-book can help you move from sampling to subscribing to having-subscribers-share your podcast.

Hear why your techique is critical, in this 3-minute podcast, from The Jim Bohannon Show.

Page 1 alone will have you thinking differently about WHY you podcast.
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