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A.I. could not do this commercial.
I'm NOT saying don't exploit Artificial Intelligence. I use it every day...as a first draft. What makes your work special is YOUR personal touch. Hearing is believing.
Music stations need more than music.
Swifties don't need FM to hear Taylor. She's already on their phones. They will hear her on your air if you give listeners reasons to use you habitually. And if you're a News/Talk station, Time Spent Listening is still the ballgame... specifically, adding occasions of tune-in.
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If you want prospects to understand how you can help them...help them.

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Emulate success.

By doing so, you hitch-hike on expensive research that Madison Avenue has funded, testing-and-honing and testing-and-honing messages such as those I collect on an ongoing basis in my radio travels.

"I'm a consultant. If you steal from me, you've stolen twice."

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There is buried treasure in your Programming.

Do you realize how many Sales "hooks" you have?

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--Do your target listeners understand why to spend more time with you?
Developing and freshening on-air imaging is part of my work for client stations.

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--Severe Weather is The New Normal.
Regardless of your format, your station can be the weather button that listeners will push, and advertisers can sponsor.
--Freebie Find!
It's the Bible of broadcast news.

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--I used to do a TV show.
Then, this happened.

From The Vault: My 10 favorites from 200+ shows.

--The White House story I waited years to cover.
Your undaunted correspondent, on "Special Assignment."
--Breathtaking Aerial Tour
Home Sweet Home